Refund policy

Nemo’s Post Scriptum will refund your money ONLY if the extension is used on a supported software version and you do not fall into one of the exceptions listed below. You have to notify the intention of asking for a refund within 30 days from the purchase date. After that period is expired, you will not be refunded any more. Before asking for a refund, the developer must be given the possibility to troubleshoot your issue. You must therefore allow the developer to access your back office, and, if needed, provide some ftp/cPanel/database credentials. If the developer is unable to solve your issue, you will be refunded. Please note that any additional cost, such as installation support, will not be refunded.

Circumstances under which there will be no refund:

  1. You did not provide a way to resolve the issue
  2. The product is not compatible with your software version: it’s your responsibility to pay attention at the compatibility report.
  3. The payment gateway you used canceled or didn’t approve your account
  4. You modified the product’s files (in this case, you can always download the original version)
  5. You claim to have bought the wrong product. It is your responsibility to check that you're buying the correct one
  6. The module is not totally compatible with other third parties you have: compatibility and free bug fixing only includes core conflicts and bugs (if you still need it to work, you can get paid support through the contact form).


Refund procedure

  1. Provide all the details of your purchase: order ID, date of purchase, product for which you ask the refund
  2. Allow at least 2 business days for the developer to respond. Re-forward your request in case you don’t receive any answer
  3. Provide the developer a way to fix your issue. If he’s unable to solve it, proceed with the request.
  4. After the refund procedure is complete, you have to uninstall and completely delete/destroy any copy of the disputed product, be it digital or stored on a physical disk.
  5. All licenses associated to the refunded product are to be considered null, and therefore you will not be able to download the product anymore from you orders page. Any continued use in part or full is considered infringement of copyrights, intellectual property rights & agreed terms and is liable for prosecution by  Nemo’s Post Scriptum or its designated attorneys.


Policy Revision

Nemo’s Post Scriptum reserves the right to revise / modify  the present policy at its sole discretion, or in regards to any individual customer it believes is misusing the policy, products or services. Any such revision posted in this page will immediately come to effect and has to be considered binding. It is the user’s responsibility to read and fully understand such policy to avoid misinterpretations.