User’s Guide

Thanks for you interest in Nemo’s PostScriptum products. Below you’ll find some useful guidelines to clarify any doubt about the website, licenses, and product usage.

Quick Links


You are not forced to register anymore to place an order, however, registration in strongly adviced since it allows you to download the product you purchased at anytime, and be informed about new upgrades. Of course, registrations are free and all information provided won’t be shared. Even though registration can be boresome, it’s necessary to grant you permanent access to your purchase’s download, and ensure you first class support if you experience any problem. You have to use a valid E-Mail address when registering, since that will be used to communicate with you, and, most importantly, send you the link to download your product.

You can add any additional information in the specific box when registering a new account. After registration, you'll also be able to edit your addresses (though they're not needed for virtual products).



Nemo’s Post Scriptum offers FREE LIFETIME upgrades on all products. Yes, no cheating. You won’t pay a cent more than what you see when you buy the product, even when swapping to a new version of Prestashop. As a customer, you will be informed whenever an update is available for one of the products you purchased, and will have immediate access to the newest version. Note, however, that Nemo’s Post Scriptum reserves the right to determine which products will be updated and whether or not to continue updating.



When buying a product, you are given the possibility to purchase it along with an installation support. After placing your order, I will  get back to you the sooner and help with installations and configuration. You will be asked for some ftp/cpanel/prestashop credentials, which, of course, will not be shared. Please notice the installation support must be requested before the 30 days money back guarantee expires.

All commercial products will receive 100% free lifetime support for bug fixes, until you get totally satisfied. Free products will not be supported, but I can give you a hand on that too, if I have some free time.

Buying an installation support will cover:

  • Installation
  • Basic Configuration
  • Bug fix (if any)


The following cases ARE NOT covered by the free support:

  • Incompatibility with other softwares installed
  • Prestashop optimization
  • Modules/Themes customization
  • Errors caused by the product’s code modification


For the areas not covered by the free support, you can always ask paid help through the contact form, here.



You can ask for refund within 30 days after the purchase. You can read the refund policy here.

Now, before asking for a refund, consider doing the following steps:

  •  Uninstall and reinstall the product
  • Try the product on a different shop/domain
  • Contact the developer and ask for support
  • I last step didn’t fix the issue, ask for the refund


Please note that request such has “This module doesn’t work, I want my money back!” will not be accepted. You’ll have to provide clear information about why the product won’t work. Then, you must give the developer a chance to solve your issue. If there’s nothing to do with it, you can go ahead and ask for a refund. For more detailed information about refunds, be sure to read the refund policy.


Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • I'd like to try out the back office for a module.
  •  No problem. Just drop me an email and i'll send you the details of a demo account. I can't be sure of the modification a user does, and that's why i'm not making the account public.

  • I installed the module, but can’t see anything in my shop
  •  First, be sure you’ve read the readme file if there’s any. If you did, try uninstalling and reinstalling the module. If this doesn’t do it, you can contact me and ask for support. To help me identifying the problem, it’s useful to give as more information as possible, such as third party modules installed, eventual core modification and custom theme usage. If you’re a bit more techy, you can turn on error reports in the config/ file and check if any warning message appears. In that case, copy the error in the contact email.

  •  .Can I install the module/theme on any number of local/testing environments to test it?
  •  Indeed. You can install it on as many testing environments as you want.


  • . I placed the order, but never received the confirmation email
  • Check your spambox. If nothing’s there, try and wait for 10 minutes to see if you receive the notification. If you don’t, login to PostScriptum and click on “My orders” in the account block. Click your last order and check if the download link is available in the bottom chart. If not, contact me.


  • I can’t download the upgrade for a module.
  •  This is unlikely to happen, but if it does, don’t hesitate and contact me right away with your order id and username email. I’ll send you the upgrade for free
  • .I'm a bit confused by the "Data Sheet" tab in product page
  • In that tab you can find detailed informations about product requirements and compatibility. Compatibility indicates exactly what it says; Core Modifications indicates whether or not the product requires contains hard-edited versions of the core files of Prestashop (unlikely to happen, it's there just to let you know it); Languages, as the terms suggests, indicates in which languages the product has already been translated; finally, Overrides, probably the most confusing term, lets you know if the product contains files override, which, for the less tech-savvy, are files to be placed in the override folder of prestashop, in order to extend basic functionality and allow that specific product to work. If you already have overrides and/or core modifications in your shop, you can ask me more info before buying the product that has these features.


If you have any doubt left, or need any kind of support, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.