Facebook Open Graph Module

Facebook Open Graph Module

Free Modules Prestashop: 1.5. 1.6

Social Media Marketing will be they Key to increase your website's rank in Search Engines and boost your visibility. If you share you products on Facebook, you might want to get 100% out of the Open Graph api, to display the right image, product name, site origin and more for the items you like!


  • Totally FREE
  • Works with Pinterst Rich Pins!
  • Creates a complete set of Open Graph Tags for all pages
  • Price and currency information added to the og product object
  • Custom Images for each language
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers images too!
  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5. 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: English Included (fully translatable)
  • Multistore support: No
  • Module Version: 1.0

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Facebook Open Graph Module

Facebook Open Graph Module

Struggling to add Facebook Open Graph tags to your Prestashop Store? Add them for free, with customization option, using this module.

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  • Asked by Robert
    on 01/30/2014
    Hi, Thanks for offering this module free. I have installed and checked it with no problems at all. One question though, where could I change the facebook locale, as appears in the iframe declaration, src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?locale=en_US into src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?locale=RO or src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?locale=ro_RO? Best Regards, Robert Answer:
    Hi! Actually there is no iframe in the module, only opengraph tags. If you mean that locale you can add changing it to yours, in the tpl file that comes with it!
  • Asked by Eddie
    on 07/19/2014
    Hello, I have an issue where facebook displays my shop's logo as thumbnail on my shared links. I have installed this module and the problem remains. is there more i am required to configure to have facebook show the product image? Answer:
    Hi! It's weird, make sure those images are always reachable in terms of image folder permissions.
  • Asked by Nicolas
    on 07/22/2014
    Hi! Thank a lot for this FREE module! You tutorials are amazing and you give free addons! That's awesome community spirit! Thank you :) Just one question, I am new to those open graph tags system and I couldn't see a "availability" tags listed on my page header. Is it normal or a bug on my site? Thank you again!! Answer:
    Yes, I removed it because it was causing incompatibility errors, for some reason.
  • Asked by Tom
    on 08/29/2014
    Hey guys! Great tool, really appreciate for releasing it for free. Could you explain how to use it with Pinterest Rich pins? Thanks in advance! Tom Answer:
    Hi Tom! Actually, they should be enabled automatically since they use the open graph metas as source
  • Asked by Jess
    on 10/7/2014
    Thanks for the free Module - it's working great! :-) Only i can see 2 sets of open graph tags - first set is empty (by prestashop default), the second one is filled in (by this module). Is this okay in terms of SEO? Answer:
    Well, it would be better to get rid of the default ones as they might conflict
  • Asked by Mike
    on 04/14/2015
    I've uploaded the files to the modules folder but I can't see it in the modules section in the backend of the site Answer:
    Make sure the folder as 755 permissions at least
  • Asked by Paul
    on 06/11/2015
    Thx for the module. I installed the module but still getmy default shop logo and tex being shared. Must i delete the default og entries? Answer:
    Make sure the images you want to share are at lease 200x200px.Then, open up the developer console and inspect the open graph tags of the module at the beginning of the page. Make sure they are reflecting the correct images
  • Asked by Paul
    on 06/16/2015
    Good day. I am using your module. The meta property="og:image" info it creates looks like this: meta property="og:image"content="http://beststyle.co.za/img/p/2/8/28.jpg" but Prestashop names the product image like this automatically: http://beststyle.co.za/img/p/2/8/28-large_default.jpg Not being a programmer myself I would like to know how can I adjust your script to include the -large_default text. Answer:
    You need to modify this part of the script $this->context->link->getImageLink($id_product, $id_cover['id_image']); And add a last parameter, like $this->context->link->getImageLink($id_product, $id_cover['id_image'], 'large_default'); In psograph.php
  • Asked by Miguel
    on 09/2/2015
    Hi, your module has a great apparence, but when i try install it, my prestashop show me a caution advice. What is this problem? your addon is secure? Answer:
    Hi, That message pops out for every module not coming from the official marketplace, there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Asked by Matthew
    on 10/1/2015
    Hello, I use your module Facebook Open Graph Module. When i release the product on FB appears correctly title and description, but instead of product graphics on FB displays the logo of the store. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance for your help, Regards Matthew Answer:
    If your images are smaller than 200px square, it might be that
  • Asked by Lukas Noska
    on 03/20/2017
    Installed the Module, add the a image, but nothing changed when Im sharing it in Facebook. Still same og:image Answer:
    Make sure you don't have any other module conflicting with it
  • Asked by SK Gan
    on 04/5/2017
    Hi. Thanks for the module. Perfect! I just have one question: Not every category I have cover image. So for those categories which do not have cover image, can we replace with the index image? Thank you. Answer:
    Good point, I guess it's a good idea for a new feature, it's not grabbing anything right now

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