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Free Modules Prestashop: 1.4.1+, 1.5.x, 1.6

If your customer base is fairly large you might be responding to the very same questions about your products over and over again. This is where the free Prestashop module "Ask a question" comes in handy,

Using this free Prestashop addon your customers will be able to ask product-specific questions directly from each product page, without having to register! Furthermore, each answered question will be published on the product page, so that other people having the same query will receive immediate answer.

Core features

  • Answers displayed on the product page
  • Saves your time on frequently asked questions
  • Ajax powered submission form
  • Email Notification on new questions
  • NEW IN 1.2: Modify questions and answers for each product! (only 1.5 and 1.6)


  • Added UTF-8 support
  • FIX: fixed compatibility with Prestashop 1.4


  • FIX: added version switch to account for Prestashop 1.4 in the tab hook


  • FIX: fixed the nasty product id = 0 bug!
  • FEAT: questions can now be modified and erased from each product back office

  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.4.1+, 1.5.x, 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: English
  • Multistore support: No
  • Module Version: 1.2.1 (Last update Nov 05, 2014)
Product Score
Glenn H

Very nice module, and I got it working under tabs in

Thanks Nemo for your support and for this free module! I got it working with tabs in 1.6 and it looks very nice!

Best regards,

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Darrell L

Great Marketing Tool

Thanks Nemo for sharing such a great FREE module!!!

Works Awesome on my site, very simple to install with no problems

Arthur s

Very useful module again

Thanks Nemo for sharing such useful and free module.
Install went without a problem and no issues at all, very easy to use and when customer ask a question admin will receive a notification email.

Thanks for sharing Nemo.



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Ask a question

The free Prestashop module "Ask a question" allows you to add product-specific question forms in your store, without the need for customers to register to send inquiries.

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  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/1/2014
    Hi Thanks for the module, good job. I'm trying to translate it. However it is not applied in the front office. The form is still in English. The backoffice is translated. On the Frontoffice just the tab appears translated. I also translated the e-mails without problems. Have cleaned the cahe. Can you help me? Regards Answer:
    My bad! I had forgotten some module references, it's fixed now
  • Asked by admin
    on 02/2/2014
    Hello? I got the email and I can see data in DB, but in BO I don't see any pending questions Answer:
    Are you using Multistore? If so, it might be that, the module doesn't support it at the time being
  • Asked by Marius
    on 02/8/2014
    Hello Nemo, I'm using prestashop v 1.5.1 and the "Send question!" button does not work. Any idea why this happens ? Regards. Answer:
    There might be a javascript error in the page, check if you have a red mark in the top right corner of the debug console (f12 to open in on chrome for example) Also, make sure you have email templates for the current language you use
  • Asked by marco
    on 02/14/2014
    it's possible translate front-office and email? tanks Answer:
    Yes, of course! You can translate the module as any other, and you can create a subfolder in the mails/ directory of the module (it) to translate emails! You can copy the contents of the 'en' folder that is already there, and translate all html and txt files.
  • Asked by marco
    on 02/14/2014
    Tanks for your answer, but how can I translate this fields: NO registration required! If the question you have has not yet been answered here, use the form below to ask something about this addon. I want to know: Name: (optional) E-mail: *(Required to be notified when an answer is available) SEND QUESTION! Marco Answer:
    As with all other modules, Localization -> Translations -> Select installed modules translations and click your language flag (default theme, unless you have overridden the module's tpl)
  • Asked by E
    on 02/25/2014
    Hi Nemo, the module does not work on a subdomain. The database product id = 0. Here is a test site Sorry for my english. Answer:
    Hi, It has unlikely to do with the subdomain, the issue is probably to be found somewhere else as domain has no impact on how the module works
  • Asked by fahben
    on 03/7/2014
    Thanks for this useful module but it doesnt work with recent versions. I'm using version and it doesnt work.The "Send a Question" java is not working neither in Firefox,IE or Chrome. If you update the module,please,let us know! Thanks! Answer:
    Actually I am using it on :) There must be some other issue. Some users have reported questions are not showing up in the back office, I am working on finding out the cause when I have some spare time!
  • Asked by Alex
    on 03/13/2014
    I'm on 1.5.2 and am getting a java script error below when hitting the submit button to ask a question. Any idea? Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. Answer:
    Hi, That means that for some reason the ajax script is not able to locate the proper php file to send emails and add data to the DB. Verify that the base_dir variable is actually assinged to your page's javascript.
  • Asked by jose
    on 03/19/2014
    theres a way to be notified when someone asks a question? Answer:
    Yes, usually an email is sent to the admin once a new question is awaiting moderation.
  • Asked by Marcilio Farias
    on 03/28/2014
    Installed in prestashop 1.6 and am having problems: 1.Do not get e-mail, or the client, error (Error while sending the email to 2. How to reset the answers on the product page? Answer:
    1. Check if you have javascript errors on the page 2. At the moment it's not possible to delete answers!
  • Asked by Moises Garcia
    on 03/28/2014
    Does this module show line breaks and links like ? I hope so :D. Answer:
    Yes, you will see line breaks if the user adds them!
  • Asked by Thomas
    on 04/6/2014
    Hello problem with Error while sending the email Disadvantages: Can't edit, remove questions. Thanks! Answer:
    Check that you have a language folder in the module's one, labeled as the current language of your front store. Then, It is actually possible to approve, modify and delete questions from the back office (but they can't be modified after approval!)
  • Asked by Jorge
    on 04/9/2014
    Hello Nemo, First of all thanks for the module, is amazing. I use in my shop a "chapta" free module for contact forms ("slidecaptcha"). It is possible to add this feature to your module? For it to work, just had to install it and add a line of code to my "contact-form_tpl" file. I did the same in your module (file: "prestaqna \ views \ templates \ hook / prestaqna_tab_content_tpl"), but it did not work, despite being visible in the form. Probably is not so easy :) If you want, I can give you the module I use. Thank you Answer:
    Hi! Form submission is handled through javascript, and you therefore have to implement the captcha part within that as well (prestaqna.js)
  • Asked by JJ
    on 04/19/2014
    Is this module compatible with PS 1.6 ? tx Answer:
    Yes! it's compatible with that version as well.
  • Asked by AJ
    on 05/25/2014
    Hi Nemo, beautiful work! Now, I had zero issues installing, translating and configuring, now, while testing I added a few questions, how can they deleted? Thanks AJ Answer:
    At the moment, you can only delete them directly from the database!
  • Asked by Peter
    on 07/7/2014
    Dear developer, Thank you for this nice module. Would it be possible to move the questions and answers belonging to a product to a block in the right column? We made screenshot of what we are looking for. Answer:
    Hi, yes but only by modify the code!
  • Asked by David
    on 07/11/2014
    Is there any plan of development to manage questions from management, publishing, and removing that suit? Answer:
    Yes, but probably not before september or so.
  • Asked by Karol
    on 07/20/2014
    Hello Nemo :). Thank you for this module. I have a question. I test it and when I add a question there is no any notice on my webshop email that someone add a question. When I go to module (configure) I see this question. When I want to answer there is a problem: Error while sending the email to What can I do? Answer:
    Make sure the email templates exist for your front and back office language (the iso folder in the mails folder of the module)
  • Asked by Chris
    on 07/20/2014
    Hello Nemo and thank you very much for this awesome module :) I have a couple of questions : - When we approve a question, the person who ask receive an email with the question link but the link in the email isn't a hyperlink. The person can't click it, it must do a copy and paste it in his browser. That's not very convenient, can you modify that and put a hyperlink in that email ? - I saw in the emails folder an email for qna rejected, what is this email for ? I did a test, asked myself a question, deleted it in the qna module but I didn't received any email, I checked my server, no email is sent in this case. Is that normal ? By the way I think it is best to not send the " rejected " email, customers are sometimes very " sensitive " ;) Thanks in advance, Chris. Answer:
    1- Yes, I will try to add it to the next release! 2- It used to send a rejection email, but I got rid of it; as you said, customers might be very sentisitive!
  • Asked by Egor
    on 07/21/2014
    Hello, Nemo! Thanks a lot for your work! It's great! Can you please tell me, how kann I delete the published messages on the website? I will not, that other customers can see all questions with answers, only some of all. And is it possible to receive an E-Mail when the customer one question send? Answer:
    Unfortunately the only way to do it, is, at the moment, from the database. As for the email, you should already be receiving it, check the spam folder or other answers above this.
  • Asked by Gianni
    on 08/12/2014
    Hello.. I installed your module on prestashop I translated email models, but in Localization, Translations, Installed modules there is not fields for the translations. Regards Answer:
    Make sure the default template is selected, unless you added any override to your theme (if you use any other)
  • Asked by Karol
    on 08/24/2014
    Do you plan upgrade and develope this module or make it pro? Answer:
    Email piping is the next feature that will be implemented, but there probably won't be any pro version.
  • Asked by Eddy Olmos
    on 09/6/2014
    Hello I downloaded your module, thanks for sharing. I have a module that allows my customers to become into "sellers", so they can upload and admin their products by themselves. Is there any way to make your module to send the questions to each seller (owner of the product) and allow them to answer individualy? Thanks Answer:
    Currently not, it really depends on how that other module is setup
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 09/7/2014
    Hi, I am using Prestashop and template Prestashop_new. After installation of the module I receive following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in /home/ligashop/ on line 357. Tell me please, where and what in code I need to cange in order to install module successfully? Thank you in advance. Answer:
    I just updated the module, there was a small bug :)
  • Asked by Costas
    on 09/9/2014
    Hello, if i publish a question & an answer is there a way to manage it afterwards? edit or delete it? Answer:
    Hi, Not at the moment. but I am planning an upgrade that allows it
  • Asked by a guest
    on 09/11/2014
    Dear Nemo, I tried to install on PS 1.4.10 but now the products are not more displayed. Any ideas. Thank's Mauro Answer:
    As always in these cases, enable error reporting in either (1.4) or (1.5.2+)
  • Asked by
    on 09/11/2014
    To translate the form is not available via admin/translations, I had to translate those fields in the prestaqna_tab_content.tpl directly. By the way, I don't like this module, I love it! :) Answer:
    I noticed it happens on some prestashop version, and am currently trying to figure out the cause of it :)
  • Asked by Carlos
    on 09/23/2014
    Hello. Thank you for the pluggin. It's amazing! I have just installed in a prestashop version and I have two questions about it: 1) it's not sending any mails, not the shop master neither the customer. 2) where are the texts stored for translated? Thank you very much Answer:
    1) if you are using a language with is not english, add the corresponding folder to the module's mails/ one 2) From localization, translations, check installed modules translations
  • Asked by Marty
    on 09/24/2014
    Hello Nemo, thank you for this module. It looks nice, but it is not working in presta It throws this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in .../prestaqna/prestaqna.php on line 358. Could you please help me to solve it? Thank you very much. Answer:
    Just fixed :)
  • Asked by Damian
    on 10/22/2014
    Hi Nemo, You have updated to 1.2 for this module but when I download and install the module version it is still 1.1.3. Can you please update or send me the 1.2 download link as I really need the editing functional in 1.2 I'm running PS Thanks Answer:
    The version might just be cached, open the main file and check it over there, it should say 1.2
  • Asked by catalin
    on 10/25/2014
    Does this new version suport Multistore feature in Prestashop Answer:
    No, not yet
  • Asked by Felipe
    on 10/30/2014
    Hello! I've got translate the fields directly from file prestagna_table_content on the diretory hook in views/template. It's good now! But another question is regarding the active form in localhost. I'm developing the store in localhost, but the question couldn't be received in my email box. In Localhost not working, it's correct? Great job" Congratulations. Answer:
    If you test on your local machine, make sure you setup custom SMTP parameters in order for emails to work properly
  • Asked by Javier Avila
    on 11/20/2014
    Hi, I'm using this amazing module and I would know how can I insert the product name in the tab content (prestaqna_tab_content.tpl). I can insert the product code with $smarty.get.id_product, but How can I accomplish this? Thanks in advance Answer:
    You can try with {$product->name} provided that the variable is still available in the context (didn't test it). If not, you have to create a new instance of the product object in the hooking function, and assign it there
  • Asked by Angelo
    on 11/23/2014
    Hi, i have installed this module on, thanks very much! But it isn't a tab but a box under product description, i've tried to reinstall it but and clear cache but no tab, why? Answer:
    It doesn't create a tab, but a new section, if you use 1.6
  • Asked by Serghei
    on 12/9/2014
    Hello Nemo Tried to install module under Prestashop Neither installing nor copying lead to one result: 1. I cannot load list of modules in backoffice anymore 2. Nothing changed in Front Office. Any idea? Thank you. Answer:
    If you can't load the modules page, try enabling error reporting: config/, set display_errors to on
  • Asked by Peter
    on 12/11/2014
    Hi Nemo, This Peter from the Netherlands. Thank you for your free Q&A Module. We just installed it without problems. Looks nice and clean. Is there a way to have lastest questions on the top ( and not at the bottom)? Answer:
    That's my miss, I will update this evening. It's just about adding order by id_qna DESC to getQNAS()
  • Asked by peter
    on 12/11/2014
    Is it possible to display the module in tabs on Prestashop 1.6? Answer:
    Yes, it is, but only if you directly modify the .php core file, so that it still returns the 1.5 termplate for hookDisplayProductTabs and hookDisplayProductTabsContent
  • Asked by Alejandro
    on 12/29/2014
    Thanks for the module. I translations into Spanish but I lack the subject of emails. As I can modify the subject of emails to them in Spanish? Answer:
    It should be possible to do it from the normal email translations, in the back office
  • Asked by Deepanshu
    on 01/1/2015
    Dear Sir, I have installed the a Module for Ask a question from product page. Then It working fine on front-end on product page, when a user post a question from product page, then show a alert message (Thank you. Your question has been registered. You will be notified as soon as an answer is available), But in product admin, there is no any questions. show a message: No questions for this product. But I have post more then one question from product page. So please help me and guide me, Thanks Deepanshu Answer:
    Hi, It's really weird, it might be due to multistore if you're using it
  • Asked by Rocco
    on 02/3/2015
    Hi Nemo, Thanks for a great module!! I installed it and it is visible on the product pages. However, when the button "Send question" is clicked the loader icon keeps spinning and nothing happens. Any ideas how to solve it? I have disabled the module for the moment, but would be great if you could check it somehow (please advise and I will send you the URL and enable the module). Thanks & best regards, Rocco Answer:
    It would seem the ajax url is not accessible, you might want to check that out
  • Asked by Mantas
    on 02/13/2015
    Thanks for great module. I have one problem... I dont get emails... My server allows sending mails only using SMTP, mail() function is disabled. May be your form cant send emails when prestashop is configured to send mails using SMTP? Answer:
    It should work with SMTP as well, make sure you have the correct email folders
  • Asked by Hedgehog
    on 04/18/2015
    Hi Nemo! The same problem as Mantas. I assume that there is a bug indeed. Presta, SMTP mail sending configured and Presta sends E-mails succesfully. But your module is not able to send Emails. Please try to test it on Prestashop 1.6 with manually configured E-Mail via SMTP. And... Thanks for a great job and all the best to you! Answer:
    It's strange, you should try to debug the email sendout, by adding another parameter to the method that sends out emails in the module: true. This will kill the script if the sending fails, so you can debug. I suspect it has to do with missing files
  • Asked by Peda
    on 06/2/2015
    Hello, I'm getting the following error during installation process in PrestaShop In my third installation trying, this time is installed successfully but this time I am getting the same error when I am clicking on the "Configure": Notice on line 81 in file ...\modules\prestaqna\prestaqna.php [8] Undefined property: PrestaQnA::$_html Answer:
    It's just a notice I will remove soon, you can ignore it if you have no other issue, otherwise add $_html at the very beginning of the class
  • Asked by Ruben Felix
    on 06/2/2015
    the module should be placed into a own tab? I've installed but it appears inner comments tab, is it Ok? Answer:
    It depends on your template, it's set to display as stand alone section, but not tab, on the default 1.6 template (and all 1.6 versions actually)
  • Asked by tomi
    on 08/16/2015
    Thank you for your nice module. I change in .php "productTabContent" by "displayProductButtons" and "hookProductTabContent" by "hookDisplayProductButtons" to can install module in this other position but when it is correctly installed then from product page I click in "Send question!" button and not work. Do you know how move the module to hook displayProductButtons? bregards Answer:
    As always when troubleshooting, make sure to open up the javascript console and look for any error upon submission. Also check you are properly including the JS file
  • Asked by a guest
    on 09/4/2015
    Good job. I would like to know if is posible receive product question to our email without to be public for others customers (like contact form). Best regards Answer:
    Yes, you can decide whether or not to publish the question
  • Asked by Toni
    on 09/21/2015
    Is it possible to answer questions individually? Answer:
    Yes, it is.
  • Asked by Javier
    on 09/30/2015
    Many thanks for your module. It is very good and useful. Your module is not multilanguage, don´t you ? Could you please tell me how to do it ? Answer:
    You can translate it normally from the back office.
  • Asked by Gianluca
    on 09/30/2015
    In my site i add your module but this create a new block in the bottom prodoct and don't create a new tab after More info | data sheet. Why? As i will do? Answer:
    That was the 1.5 look. You can easily take it back by changing the hookDisplayProductTabs method, and its content counterpart, removing the conditional check on the PS_VERSION
  • Asked by Nick Naydenov
    on 10/8/2015
    Thanks for the nice module. In the backoffice when I answer a question there is an error: Error while sending the email to Why? Answer:
    It might be due to various configuration settings. Make sure other emails work, as well as checking the address the message will be sent to
  • Asked by Frank
    on 10/19/2015
    Hi Nemo, Thanks for a great module. Is it somehow possible to make it function like the standard PS comments module, i.e. with a button that says something like "Ask your question here" and a thickbox, instead of the name and question form being visible at all times? Thanks again! Frank Answer:
    Hello, it is, but you have to modify plenty of the code.
  • Asked by Jonathan
    on 10/31/2015
    How can you integrate this into a tab like you've done here? Sorry if its been asked before. :) Answer:
    Hello, that's easy with a little modification, you just have to remove the ps_version check on the hooks.
  • Asked by celia
    on 11/9/2015
    Hi ! We have a problem with the module :( The system couldn't send the e-mails and we don'tn know how to change the language to spanish because the texte always appears with strange characters Could you help us please. Thanks so much for your time ! Answer:
    Really odd, make sure you have a folder named "es" in the mails folder of the module.
  • Asked by Jamie
    on 11/20/2015
    Does this work with because I have installed it but as soon as you send a question it comes up with the following error: undefined The email comes through but without the senders name, email address or product they are asking about. It also doesn't appear in the module, I just get the question by email and can't reply. Answer:
    I didn't test it yet, but it should
  • Asked by Harry
    on 12/23/2015
    Can we use it for B to B ecommerce? Answer:
    Yes, indeed
  • Asked by Glenn
    on 12/27/2015
    How to "remove the ps_version check on the hooks" to make this module appear in a tab in 1.6 (like tabs in 1.5). I already tried to make changes in the last part of prestaqna.php with no luck. It must be some change that I should apply there but what is it? (Beforehand, I had made the changes as described here: Answer:
    You need to remove the if(_PS_VERSION_... part
  • Asked by Marco
    on 03/11/2016
    I installed the online form, everything appears correctly in the frontend, but when I click on send question the symbol of processing runs continuously. How to solve? Answer:
    It sounds like a JS error, make sure there is no red mark in the browser's debug console
  • Asked by Nathan
    on 05/15/2016
    Does this support version I get this error in the BO Notice on line 81 in file /home/*****/public_html/modules/prestaqna/prestaqna.php [8] Undefined property: PrestaQnA::$_html Answer:
    It's just a notice, nothing to worry about. I missed to declare that property (will be fixed in the next release)
  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/17/2016
    Can I decide on what questions that are show? Sometimes you dont want the question to be shown at the productpage Answer:
    Unfortunately not, you can only approve or erase them
  • Asked by Jose Luis
    on 02/11/2017
    Hi, Does this module support questions not related with any product? I need a section with general questions and answer to that questions Thanks in advance, Answer:
    No, this is for product FAQs , so no, products only
  • Asked by Nandos
    on 02/16/2017
    Hello. A question before to install the module. Does it work correctly with the latest stable release v1.6.1.11 and the default-bootstrap theme? Let me know. Answer:
    Yes, it works with it
  • Asked by Hubert
    on 02/16/2017
    Hello, will be the version 1.7 of Prestashop? Regards Hubert Answer:
    It is not currently planned for 1.7
  • Asked by Pecatum Gourmet
    on 06/20/2017
    Hi Nemo, Thanks a lot for your module. I just have a small question. When I do answer a question and include line breaks, these are not displayed in the product page correctly. The whole answer text is displayed in a row. Thanks!!! Answer:
    The module strips tags for security reasons, you can remove the escape in the template file, and perhaps add |nl2br to the answer variable as well
  • Asked by Davide
    on 10/29/2017
    Prestashop 1.6 hello i can not insert the module into a tab there is a guide? Answer:
    Check the answer below, question asked by Glenn
  • Asked by Pierre
    on 12/6/2017
    Hi, Thank your for your great module. Is it useful for the SEO ? Thanks Answer:
    Not really, this is more to give your customers a clearer idea about products
  • Asked by Luca
    on 04/28/2018
    Hi there, is it possible to include the answer in the email notification for the customers? And one more: how to make this form compliant with GDPR? It should have a checkbox with privacy terms to be accepted before send a question. Thanks! Answer:
    Hi Luca, Not by default, you need to edit the SendMail method in the module, assign the answer and then use it as variable in the template. As for the GDPR, again, it needs a template and modification of the core
  • Asked by Holger Duck
    on 07/31/2018
    Hello. This is a very nice module (Ask a question). But i need them for a WEB in spanish. Could i get a spanish translation for this module? Answer:
    While a spanish translation is not readily available, you can translate everything using the built in function in PrestaShop

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