Prestashop Google RIch Snippets & Breadcrumbs FREE

Google Rich Snippets & Breadcrumbs FREE

Free Modules Prestashop: 1.5. 1.6

Is it really worth spending a lot of money just to enable Google Rich Snippets on your Prestashop Store? Of course not! That's why this module is provided for FREE. Without having to do anything more than uploading and installing it, you will be able to display a whole lot of rich data in SERPs, and make your site's likes stand out from the crowd!

Core Features

  • Totally FREE
  • No configuration needed
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6
  • Possibility to enable breadcrumbs only if your store already has rich snippets




  • FIx: object creation bug removed
  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5. 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: --
  • Multistore support: Yes
  • Module Version: 1.0.1 (Updated on May 17 2014)

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Google Rich Snippets & Breadcrumbs FREE

Google Rich Snippets & Breadcrumbs FREE

Add Google Rich Snippets and Breadcrumbs to your Prestashop store with the first 100% FREE Module with this functionality!

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  • Asked by max
    on 04/29/2014
    hello! After activate module, i have a error page Missing product object. Set nerw object mode from the back office Configuration Product Name: Price: Answer:
    Hi! It means your product page has some issues. I placed a fallback there. If the product object cannot be fetched via hook parameters, it tries to create a new one using the product id. It seems that the module is not able to grab the product if from the url of your page!
  • Asked by Jilles
    on 05/12/2014
    Hi There, I uploaded the module. How will I see the result. on Jilles Answer:
    You can use google webmaster tools' Structured Data testing tool, here: Use it on a product page, and remember to enable breadcrumbs only on 1.6!
  • Asked by Rimas
    on 06/11/2014
    The module is very useful. Thank you very much. But when I test in webmaster tools I got an error "Page contains property "condition" which is not part of the schema." I would be grateful for advice how to solve this error. Answer:
    My module doesn't have a condition value, it must come from somewhere else
  • Asked by Ignacio
    on 06/16/2014
    If I already have ps 1.6 default theme, how would I benefit from this module? Thank you Answer:
    It also adds rich snippet Breadcrumbs, that currently lack in the default 1.6 template
  • Asked by Alex
    on 07/1/2014
    Hello I instal modulo and works perfectly. But How can I remove Summary tab at product page? Answer:
    The summary tab is needed in order to enable rich snippets
  • Asked by goastsecurity
    on 07/3/2014
    Hi, Does not work on categories ... have you got a solution ? Ty. Answer:
    Hi, It's not supposed to, product lists are not officially supported by google yet.
  • Asked by Cory
    on 08/10/2014
    With the summary tab on the product page being a link that changes the url by adding the rich snippet at the end of the url would this not be considered duplicate content? Answer:
    I am not sure I understood what you mean, the summary tab doesn't add any additional link, actually
  • Asked by Chris
    on 08/16/2014
    Hi Nemo's, I have a question in regards to the FREE 'Rich Snippets' module, will Google use the rich snippets description first and ignore the meta tag description? Chris Answer:
    This depends on Google, there is some debate around the topic, as you can read here:
  • Asked by David
    on 08/28/2014
    I have installed the module and checked Google's 'Structured Data Testing Tool' and it hasn't updated it. Do I have to do anything else or do I just wait? Thank you very much for the module. Answer:
    Make sure you didn't tick 'enable breadcrumbs only'
  • Asked by Walter
    on 09/22/2014
    Hello, I have installed your Free Rich Snippets module on my PS1.5 but WM tools indexed the product prices Ex. VAT!? Strangely on the products summary page prices are shown VAT included. What do I need to do to make WM tools also index the product prices VAT included? Answer:
    It might depend on your store's settings. Check if prices are supposed to be displayed including VAT for all customer groups and countries
  • Asked by sven
    on 09/24/2014
    Hi, I istalled this free module yesterday. But now when I test, I don't think it works or does it take some time? I did a test in structured data testing tool but no stars to see. Kind regrads, Sven Answer:
    It shouldn't take any time, are you displaying the summary tab? Also, if you use the default prestashop 1.6 template, the standard code it uses might interfere with the module
  • Asked by mirco
    on 10/21/2014
    Hello, everythings is fine, perfect ;) Thank you. But, google webmaster tools write me this bug: Incomplete microdata with It is not problem with descriptions? (you can try here my www page: ). It is problem on my side or? Thank you for your answer. Answer:
    If you use the default prestashop 1.6 template, you need to remove embedded snippets if you want to use these, or they will create conflicts
  • Asked by Bianca
    on 10/27/2014
    This is a great little module, thanks so much for making it available! My question is, is there a way to 'hide' the Summary Tab from the product page? I know Google needs it to display the snippets but it looks messy on my site. Also if you use a different comment/rating system on your store (we use Yotpo instead of standard PS review system), how do you make this display in Google? Answer:
    Unfortunately not, Google hates hidden data! As for the commenting system, it's necessary to implement other things depending on which module it is. It is possible, though php knowledge is required
  • Asked by Martijn
    on 12/30/2014
    Hi, how can we get it to show in a tab (summary) in stead of just on the bottom of the page? Answer:
    If you are on 1.6, you need to return the 1.5 template instead of the 1.6 one in both hookDIsplayProductTab and hookDIsplayProductTabContent methods
  • Asked by Oriol
    on 01/30/2015
    Hello Nemo, I've just installed the module and seem work well in a version 1.5.6 my question is, is possible to delete the first numbers created by default in the product url's? thanks for your work! Answer:
    It is, but not with the module, it's a modification that needs quite some overrides
  • Asked by Stamenov
    on 03/3/2015
    Hello! Unfortunately new google structured data testing tool give Breadcrumb error for this module with P.S 1.6. Answer:
    It's true, I will try to have it updated the sooner
  • Asked by Walter
    on 03/6/2015
    Hi Nemo, I have issues with my P.S. 1.6 and rich snippets. Can you make an option in your rich snippets module for 1.6 users to disable the default Prestashop rich snippets code and use your module/code instead? Would be great and I'm willing to pay for it.. ;-) Answer:
    Unfortunately, since they are hardcoded in the template, they need to be removed manually, no other way around
  • Asked by Chris
    on 04/9/2015
    Hello :) I am on Prestashop 1.6 and I uploaded your module (.zip) on my module page, but I can't see it on these page now. Should I ? How can I configure it ? thank you ! Answer:
    It should be displaying as "summary" block at the very end of the page
  • Asked by manuel
    on 04/14/2015
    I installed your module, but it doesnt do anything to my breadcrumbs. Answer:
    It's not supposed to, it just adds the necessary code for Google
  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/20/2015
    I cant install the module because cant be verified with prestashop addons store. help! Answer:
    That is just a warning, you can ignore it
  • Asked by a guest
    on 11/6/2015
    It is compatible with prestashop 1.6.1? Answer:
    Yes, but it's not needed there anymore, with the standard theme
  • Asked by a guest
    on 12/20/2015
    What does this mean? Possibility to enable breadcrumbs only if your store already has rich snippets Answer:
    You can enable rich breadcrumbs only if you don't need snippets
  • Asked by Vineet
    on 12/26/2015
    I tried this module but found that it creates the snippets on product pages in front end of the store also which looks ugly...can you please advise how to avoid that Answer:
    You cannot, the google needs them to be visible in this case.
  • Asked by Bruno
    on 04/27/2016
    Hello Nemo Thanks for this free addon. I'm using it and I see a summary on the product detail pages. Can I just hide them with a CSS class? I don't want to display them on my product page. Thanks Bruno Answer:
    You can hide it, but generally google is not a big fan of hidden content, so they might not be read in the end
  • Asked by christophe
    on 10/3/2016
    Is this module meant to show the stars in google search results? Answer:
    No, it is not currently doing that
  • Asked by a guest
    on 03/29/2017
    Hi, Is there a reason why some products will show the rich snippet and others wont? Do I have to wait until google crawls my site next? Thanks Answer:
    Yes, they might still need to be fetched by Google

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