Prestashop Cache Clearer

Prestashop Cache Clearer

Free Modules Prestashop: 1.5. 1.6

If you actively use Prestashop, whether as developer or merchant, you might have run into a page or option being completely stuck for no reason.
You cleared cache in the back office, erased all possible cached entries in Prestashop, but still that thing won't move. Why?
Chances are your server is running a caching service, such as APC or Xcache, which keeps MySQL database queries and php files stored in memory to avoid reading from disk.
Clearing Prestashop's cache will never take care of those cached resources, and here is where this module does the wet work.
It seamlessly integrates into the Prestashop cache cleaner button, and gets rid of all sort of server-side caching (APC, xCache and Memcache).

So, if your pages and data are completely stuck, install the module and run the normal cache cleaner. There is a 90% chance it will solve your headache and you will finally be able to debug and display new data.

  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5. 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: English
  • Multistore support: Yes
  • Module Version: 1.0

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Prestashop Cache Clearer

Prestashop Cache Clearer

The Prestashop Cache Cleaner is the Ultimate solution to your caching headaches with Prestashop

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  • Asked by Steve
    on 11/19/2014
    I am having issues trying to get this module working. Is there any documentation I can look at to get the module to function? When I install, there is no configure button. I looked at the Prestashop Cleaner, and it does not show up on any Buttons as you describe. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Answer:
    It only works on prestashop 1.5.5 and newer. If there is no clear cache button in the performance tab, I am afraid this module won't work either
  • Asked by ANGELO
    on 11/23/2014
    Hi, i have prestashop i have installed this module but i don't find any button, where is it? Performance tab it is like before, thanks Answer:
    yes, it doesn't add any new buttons, the functions will run when clearing cache using the default command
  • Asked by lordbdp
    on 12/13/2014
    No button too on PS Answer:
    The module is seamlessly integrated into the default button
  • Asked by Muddabir
    on 03/6/2017
    does it works with PS Answer:
    Yes, it works on that version too

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