Your Featured Products

Your Featured Products

Front Office Features Prestashop: 1.4.1+, 1.5.x, 1.6

Add more depth to your shop now!

Tired of making hard choices on which products to display in the tiny default "Homefeatured" block? Haven't you ever desired a module that allows you to manage featured products, bestsellers, new products, special price ALL IN ONE?

If so, this module will do it for you! With this extreamly powerful extension for Prestashop, you can easily manage your featured products and more. Choose what to display, how and where!

Take advantage of the power of jQuery to offer your customers a modern experience with tabbed navigation an sliding effects; Boost your sales by pointing your customers exactly where you want in each category, make them know which are the best products you are currenlty selling in that category, and achieve a tailor-made selling plan!

Core features

  • Display Featured, Bestsellers, New, Special price products for every category of your shop!
  • Enable/disable elements to display through accurate admin panel
  • jQuery powered tabbed navigation and effects
  • 2 different effects for product pages: simple and slide
  • Graceful degradation for non-js users
  • 3 unique pre-defined styles: PrestaShop classic round, Plain and Carbon Glow
  • 4 color variations
  • Well-commented css to add even more customization

New in Version 2!

  • Possibility to Add the block to the homepage
  • Choose wheather or not to show products for all subcategories


V 2.5

  • FIX: Removed useless hook registration on 1.5
  • FIX: Images don't require a new image type anymore for 1.5
  • UPD: updated readme for 1.5

V 2.6

  • FEAT: added check/uncheck all for each column in the back office
  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.4.1+, 1.5.x, 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: Only required for Prestashop 1.4
  • Languages: English, italian
  • Multistore support: No
  • Module Version: 2.6

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Your Featured Products

Your Featured Products

Easily manage how you display Featured, Bestsellers, New, Special price products for every category of your shop, with different sliding effects and many options.

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  • Asked by Clayton
    which colors can be used Nemo? I see a picture with colors here but there's different shades of this colors. I am trying to use something close to my theme colors. which is pretty close to 6699cc. If that is not it I will ask my web designer when he's at his pc I have him in canada on another project this week so it's slow communication with him.Thank you for telling me about this module. GREAT Answer:
    You can use any color you want. By default, the module is set up to use images as background, but you can also avoid that and use single, compact colors
  • Asked by John
    Hi, Just want to confirm with you can I create 2 different Your Featured Products modules for 2 different categories and display the 2 modules in the homepage? I just need it to display normally like the 2x Epson Best seller Answer:
    Hi, You don't need to clone the module, if those categories are different, you can choose both of them to display featured products,bestsellers, new, special prices on the home page. Independently one another, of course!
  • Asked by Jose
    1. Can I add a GENERAL bestseller, featured, etc, slide block in the home page? (not a category bestseller) 2. Can I configure an slide of two lines? (like a 2x2 grid) 3. Can I use different containers for bestsellers, featured, etc, instead the tabbed panel? 4. It is possible to show the "short description" for each product inside the sliders? 5. It is possible to create a loop when you move the sliders? Answer:
    1. No, it’s done specifically for categories 2. No, unless you remove the javascript 3. You must remove the javascript and apply some css changes for this 4. Yes, but you will need to edit the tempolate file 5. You mean like an infinite loop? No, not at the moment
  • Asked by Matias
    Hello, I like Your Module ! With this module if is possible to show 3 different category with 18 products for each and different title for each ? Thank you Answer:
    Hi! yes, you can display every category you want in the home page!
  • Asked by Jane
    on 11/16/2014
    Is it possible to add a button "show all" for each tab; so you can go to a page and see all new products (not only in this category) or all Specials products etc? Can you also in Home page show selected categories in Tab beside New products, Specials etc and ad tag to that? I also have JoliSearch addon that use JS, do you know any problems with that and your module? Do you have any ideas in future for a slider Block verticle so you can show a simple slider of each in columns with verticle slide and "show all button"? Any problems with Prestashop version Answer:
    Hi! All mentioned modifications can be done, but you need to change the module's tpl and also php in some cases (for tags and column slider). As for that plugin, I have no idea if it will create conflicts, never heard about it. Lastly, there are no known bugs with
  • Asked by Jane
    on 04/18/2015
    Is it possible for me to not display on Home page but on Category pages only? I have another addon to display featured categories on Home page. Answer:
    Yes, you just have to unhook it from displayHome in modules->positions
  • Asked by a guest
    on 10/21/2015
    Compatible with PS Answer:
    Hello, Yes, it's compatible, although there is no 1.6 design yet, so that needs to be adjusted.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/13/2016
    Hi, it's said that the module doesn't have multistore capabilities. How does it work then on a multistore setup? Are the module settings on one store automatically applied to another store? Thanks Answer:
    At the time being, it would also retrieve products from all stores

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