Prestashop Ticket System

Prestashop Ticket System

Front Office Features Prestashop: 1.5. 1.6
Compatible with ThirtyBees

Demo available on request!

Prestashop's way to manage customer support is definitely not sufficient for any store which strives to offer a professional service to their customers. With this module, you overcome the software's flaws and can finally use a sophisticated and professional support system that can greatly enhance your customer service's efficiency.

Thanks to this Prestashop Ticket System, your customers will be able to open support tickets in their account page, and will always be able to access these anytime. The module comes with a separate back-end interface, so that it is, in fact a full-featured, stand-alone Ticket System for our favorite e-commerce software. Each message can be accompanied with an attachment, and both you and the customer will be instantly notified on the updates of the tickets.

NEW IN 1.2! Customers are now able to open tickets without registering.

From the back office, you will not only be able to keep track of tickets and answer them. You will also assign the ticket to an employee, to avoid having 2 people working on the same one at the same time, filter through new tickets and add departments and statuses as you please.

Core features

  • Guest Tickets: no need to be a registered customer to open new tickets!
  • Plug and play: install it, and you're ready to receive the first ticket
  • Separate back office interface: no more messing with Prestashop dumb message threads!
  • Unlimited statuses/departments: you can add as many as you want, all translatable
  • Email notifications when a ticket is updated
  • Employees assignment: each ticket can be assigned to an employee to avoid confusion
  • File attachments
  • Customers can rate your service



  • FIX: Fixed wrong parameter to $_GET when used without friendly urls and multiple languages



  • FIX: Fixed new ticket assignment email (wrong id). Thanks to  Dan Anders Häggblom (


FIX: Fixed menu and translations bugs


FEAT: Guest tickets
FIX: 1.6 interface
FIX: Employee access to tabs

  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5. 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish
  • Multistore support: No
  • Module Version: 1.2 (Last update: March 2, 2015)

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Prestashop Ticket System

Prestashop Ticket System

Prestashop Ticket System is a ticket Module for Prestashop, that allows your customers to submit support tickets which can always be seen in their accounts

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  • Asked by Jake
    I do not want customers to have to login, they should be able to submit a ticket via email and then converse/reslove the ticket via their email inbox. Is this possible? Answer:
    Hi, This is not possible at the moment, since each user has to be able to see all of its tickets from the user account panel. Actually, that's the purpose of the module!
  • Asked by Jasdeep
    i want to experience a free sample if you allow me... can i have a demo of it as i wish to buy it later on.. Answer:
    Hi, I'm sorry but the only demo available is the one linked in this page, it's not possible to try it on your site
  • Asked by Victoria
    Hi there I am very impressed with your module. I just need to know the following: 1. will the user receive the email with the answer, when the answer is created? or is it to see only when logged in? 2. is it possible for a not-yet-registered customer to open the ticket? 3. is it possible for a registered user to view the tickets without loginning in to the website? I would like to have the following ticket system: one sends an email to e.g. He/she gets an email back, that the ticket was created. Then admin answers the ticket, and the user receives the email with an answer. Then the user replies back from his mailbox (just by reply-to button, so without login), and so on.. I hope you know, what I mean.. Thanks again for yor reply, Victoria Answer:
    Hi there! 1- Yes! He will see the answer and will get a link to the user panel so he can answer 2- No, not at the moment 3- No, he must login to his user panel Unfortunately, there is no implementation about mail answers at the moment!
  • Asked by a guest
    on 03/4/2014
    Hi, if i want contact a customer (i mean when customer dont have create a ticket) can i create a ticket from the back office for enter in contact with him ? Answer:
    This is not possible at the moment, as there is no ticket reference stored before a customer creates one on its own. It's an interesting feature nonetheless, and I will definitely take it into consideration for the next release!
  • Asked by a guest
    on 03/4/2014
    Hi, one more question, when the customer receive the email notification about his ticket, from wich email is send ? can set up it like a noreply email? because i guess many customers try to reply directly to the email notification...? Answer:
    The email is the main store one, and you'll therefore be able to receive replies in case a user tries to contact you by responding directly to the automated one!
  • Asked by James Kapherr
    on 04/2/2014
    Hi, Will this work with the new PrestaShop v1.6.x? Thanks James Answer:
    Yes, it's compatible with Prestashop 1.6, but the layout of the tickets page is not currently responsive, and might need to be tweaked a little!
  • Asked by Tim
    on 07/29/2014
    We are looking for a ticketing type system but one that also links to the customers order. Any ideas? Thank you. We enjoy and learn a lot from your videos! tim Answer:
    This module doesn't implement such a feature at the moment, but I can try adding it to the new version as I already received some request in this direction
  • Asked by mark nowak
    on 08/26/2014
    First, I am using prestashop 1.4 core I just backport any necessary updates as moving to 1.5 or 1.6 is extremely difficult at this point. How difficult would it be to port this module to 1.4? Is there an email pipe as well so users can just email support@shop or would we have to create that as well? Answer:
    Hi, As the module uses Prestashop 1.5 controller structure extensively, it would be quite complicated to port it to 1.4. Also, it doesn't support email piping yet, although the feature implementation is planned
  • Asked by Wim
    on 02/28/2015
    Hi, I am looking for a ticket system for an event. Can this software be used for that purpose? Answer:
    No, this is for customer support only
  • Asked by Piotr
    on 03/9/2015
    Hello Is v1.2 multistore ready? Can I have independend departments and customized email messaged per store for multistore PS setup? Thankks Answer:
    No, it's not supporting multistore yet, it probably will in the next release
  • Asked by Dhanasekaran
    on 05/11/2015
    i would like to add new field captcha verification in the form, how far its flexible to do customization? Answer:
    It depends on the captcha plugin you use, it should only be necessary to amend one template file and the relative controller.
  • Asked by Janvier
    on 08/1/2015
    Is it possible to create a ticket for a customer in the back-office ? Answer:
    No, not a the moment
  • Asked by peter
    on 09/6/2015
    Anyway to use this on 1.4 ? :) Answer:
    Unfortunately not, it will not be compatible with that version.
  • Asked by stephane
    on 09/9/2015
    Does your module allow admin to create ticket for a customer? Does your module is translated in french? Answer:
    No, at the time being only customers can open a support ticket in the front office. It's english only, so you will have to translate it yourself from the back office
  • Asked by luka
    on 09/15/2015
    Is it possible to set up a payment in order to proceed a user request? Answer:
    No, it is currently not possible
  • Asked by Mike
    on 01/19/2016
    is this responsive and will it work on all devices mobile and desktop? If not, will you be patching this in an updates most people are on the phone now for shopping and this is a must have for your customers so we can offer the best support possible to our clients. Everyone is busy and in life and this just makes it easier to get support while at work ect. Please let me know. Answer:
    It is responsive to a high degree, although not 100% mobile-optimized yet. I have planned a complete mobile restyling for the next update.
  • Asked by Rob
    on 02/24/2016
    We are looking for a ticketing type system but one that also links to the customers order. Have you implemented this? Answer:
    The module doesn't currently link to orders, but I will try to implement it in the next major release
  • Asked by fabio
    on 08/16/2016
    hello, would you please specify the option multidomain? for example, we have and can we use your module for booth of the prestashop installation? waiting your news Fabio Lombardi Answer:
    Hello, Yes, that is was the multidomain option was thought for
  • Asked by Alberto
    on 09/26/2016
    Can I modify the design of the input data pages, for example Help Desk Management / All Ticket ADD NEW ? Answer:
    Of course you are free to modify the module according to your needs, as long as you do not try to resell it
  • Asked by DAVID
    on 01/5/2017
    Module also works in Hebrew? Answer:
    Yes, it works with all languages the database supports
  • Asked by CINETIX
    on 01/10/2017
    Hi, can it's possible to create the inquiry type our self (add new fields)? Thanks Answer:
    Yes, you can add as many as you need
  • Asked by Paolo
    on 11/22/2017
    Hello, your "Prestashop Ticket System" module is compatible with Prestashop 1.7? Regards, Paolo Answer:
    Hi Paolo, No, it doesn't really work with 1.7 yet
  • Asked by Michael van Gils
    on 07/17/2018
    If e-mail piping is possible Answer:
    No, that's not currently possible with this module
  • Asked by Chris Rabkin
    on 08/22/2018
    Hello, Does this support system allow for parts to be ordered if a ticket is placed by a client for a defective product? My customer has to track all parts that are sold or sent out because of a defective or damaged product issue as part of their warranty program. Answer:
    Hi, Unfortunately not. Of course it can be modified and adapted for it, but by default there is no way to track a specific product within the ticket

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