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Prestashop SEO Booster

SEO Prestashop: 1.5.1+, 1.6
Compatible with ThirtyBees


Prestashop SEO Booster is simply the best SEO module for Prestashop, prividing the widest range of features at the best price of the market. If you want to seriously start an SEO campaign and make your competitors bite the dust, this is the tool you need for your Prestashop store!

Product Specific optimization

Prestashop undoublty has some of the coolest SEO features of the market. This module extends them even further, providing a length checker for Meta Fields. In addition to this, you will always be able to have a real time preview of how the link to your product will look on Google search results page! Not only, but the Prestashop SEO Booster also adds a new field, Target Keyword, to your products, so that you can always aim for the best results by focusing your SEO Campaign on a specific keyword, a fundamental step for who wants to serioudly tackle SEO Optimization!

SEO Statistics

Are you missing meta fields for some products? Is your target keyword present in all the relevant fields? Prestashop SEO Booster's Website Statistics table will tell you this and more, even if your meta title, description or friendly url are too long for Search Engine's likes.

Rel Prev/Next

SInce version 1.6, link rel="prev" and link rel="next" have been seamlessly integrated to category pages, to take full advantage of the new search engine metas for paginated sections of your shop!

Canonical Tags

SInce version 1.5, you can use the Prestashop SEO booster to add a link rel="canonical" tag to your product and category pages. This is is the only module to seamlessly implement the canonical tag in Pretashop, to improve seo and avoid penalties due to duplicate content!

Facebook Open Graph Tags

Since version 1.4, the module supports Facebook Open Graph tags for the major pages of your shop. In addition to all relevant information when you share a product on Facebook, Manufacturers and Suppliers page will show the appropriate logos, and you will be able to setup an image for each language of your shop for other pages, such as special products, new arrivals, best sales or the index page.

Bing and Google Webmaster Tools verification

If you ever used Google Webmaster Tools, or Bing's version. you know how the process of verifying your site can be tedious. Thanks to Prestashop SEO BOoster it will be a matter of seconds. Add your site on Webmaster Tools, grab the code and paste it into the module. You can verify it right after hitting "update", no file upload is needed!. No other Prestashop Module has this feature!

Meta fields generator

Adding Meta fields for your entire catalog can take a whole lot of time. With Prestashop SEO Booster's builtin Meta Tags Generator, you can easily create your meta fields for the entire catalog with one single click. Choose your category, even the root one (to apply to the whole catalog), the language, and the template for each meta field. You will be able to add any kind of text to them, ranging from the Product Name to the Supplier Name, including, for example, any of the names of the parent categories of the product!

Robots.txt Editor

...And, for the more experienced user, the module also includes an editor which will enable you to tweak the robots.txt file without having to mess with FTP every time!

Core Features

  • Multilanguage support
  • Set noindex and nofollow specifically for each product
  • Can be installed on PrestaBox
  • Facebook OpenGraph Support (Pinterst RIchPins too!)
  • NO override needed! 
  • Full Multistore Support (multidomain license needed!)
  • Meta Fields Generator
  • Bing and Google Webmaster Tools verification box (1-click, no file uploads needed!)
  • Target Keyword for each product
  • Send clean 410 codes instead of generic 404
  • Canonical Tag
  • Meta fields length realtime checker
  • Realtime Google Search Results Preview for each Product
  • Robots.txt editor



  • 1.6

    • FEAT: rel prev/next
    • FEAT: fill empty fields only with the auto generator
    • FEAT: canonical tag for the manufacturers page
    • FEAT: new wildcard for product reference
      FEAT: Prestashop 1.6 clean interface



  • FEAT: noindex and nofollow support
  • FEAT: keword uploader
  • FEAT: canonical tag
  • FEAT: HTTP 410 Gone implementation


  • FIX: fixed pagination issue with multiple languages



  • FIX: restored complete functionality to the product back office on 1.6



  • FIX: added missing save button on 1.6.x



  • FIX: added value escaping when updating seo fields



  • ADD: Features Facebook OpenGraph Tags!
  • ADD: Duplicate metas check
  • ADD: Short metas check



  • UP: Added the ' Do not modify" button. You can now leave some fields untouched when auto generating new ones.



  • FIX: target keyword case sensitivity issues have been fixed
  • UP: Statistics are now language-aware


  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5.1+, 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: No
  • Languages: English - Full Multilanguage Support
  • Multistore support: Yes, with the appropriate license
  • Module Version: (Last update Sept 4 2015)
Product Score
Corrado B

Good module for a fair price

I choosed this module instead of SEO module developed by Prestashop mainly for the lower price.
I must say the module is easy to understand and to use, come with good documentation, and customer support is fast and effective.
Now I only wait to get higher in google rankings!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Prestashop SEO Booster

Prestashop SEO Booster

Prestashop SEO Booster will make your shop rank at the top of Search Engines results and increase your visibility amongst your competitors! 

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  • Asked by a guest
    i'd really like to xes and db modifications..)thank you, you did a great job!!! Answer:
    Hi! Unfortunately it is not possible, as the module makes extensive use of 1.5 features!
  • Asked by Chris
    Hi, is it possible to hide the language code in url (at least for the default language) with this module?Also can i alter the urls in a form like that:maincategorysubcategory1subcategory2subcategoryX.htmlmaincategorysubcategory1.htmlproductpage.htmlmanufacturer.htmlor any other module?Thank you. Answer:
    Hi, and thank you for your question! If you use multiple languages, you can't, unfortunately. However, knowing the depth level of each of the categories you mentioned, yes, you can change the url as you prefer
  • Asked by a guest
    Does it include Open Graph Tags? Thanks Answer:
    Hi! No, not yet, but I might include them in the next release!
  • Asked by Giuseppe
    Is this module in German language Thank for your answer Answer:
    Hi! It's only translated in english, but of course it works on all languages!
  • Asked by limyz
    guarantee money back ? and is it guarantee my website ranking will up and it will up around how many star ? Answer:
    The money back guarantee is on the Module's bugs. If it doesn't work, you'll have your money back. As for the ranking, it all depends on how you use it, and for which keywords you want to compete
  • Asked by Peter
    on 02/27/2014
    Hi, I have just purchased your module. SEO Booster. got a question. I have over 5000 products in my catalogue. is there any other way of filling out the target kws for each product than manually, one by one? thank you Peter Answer:
    Hi, Actually, the target keyword is a totally optional field that can be setup if you will to compete for a specific one in your SEO campaign. Thus, it's not possible to create it manually, as it would defeat the whole purpose of it. No fear, having it it or not will not affect your seo, but you won't be able to know if your products are correctly setup to rank for a specific term.
  • Asked by Marcilio Farias
    on 03/28/2014
    Have with Portuguese translation pattern? Answer:
    Hi. It's not included, but Portuguese is of course supported as well!
  • Asked by a guest
    on 03/30/2014
    hello the module changes something at url's product categories or remain the same? thanls Answer:
    If you mean categories, no, it doesn't come with category-related tools at the moment!
  • Asked by cristian
    on 04/20/2014
    hello i uploaded the module in my store the target url you have an ideea how to upload it in bulk i have over 200.000 products can't one by one if i export csv or something thanks Answer:
    Hi! At the time being, you have to create target keywords manually (but keep in mind the field is not mandatory!). However, it's a good idea and I will definitely add this possibility in the next major release!
  • Asked by Tony
    on 04/22/2014
    Hi Nemo, Is this Seo module for prestashop easy to setup? im have no seo skills at all doesent really know how it works but my prestashop webshop i have done on my own with help from youtube ;) My shop has very bad seo ranking right now and i want better ranking on google search pages. Also if the module is working with Swedish language Answer:
    Hi! Of course, really easy! (as you can tell from the video!) The module works with all languages, indeed, so no worries! Keep in mind that this won't automatically make your ranking jump! It's a tool, so you must use it as helper to target keywords and check your SEO parameters!
  • Asked by damir
    on 05/28/2014
    can this tool be used to manage and increase or decrease code to text ratio on my shop ? thanks Answer:
    Hi! No, it doesn't have anything to do with that.
  • Asked by Adam
    on 06/5/2014
    Hi Nemo, Loving this mod. But, can we set it up to run daily via Cron? Many thanks Adam Answer:
    Hi! No, at the moment it's not possible to run it using a cron job!
  • Asked by Abdul
    on 06/29/2014
    Hi there, can you give me some more detail as to the Open Graph features of this module? I saw the screenshot that shows OG images can be specified for some special pages, but what does it do for the homepage, category pages, and product pages? Thanks! Abdul Answer:
    For the homepage it will take the shop name and logo, for categories the category meta title and image (where available), same for the product, meta title and product image
  • Asked by Michael
    on 07/10/2014
    Hi Nemo! The tool sounds amazing so far, but I have one question left. Does this tool also generate a proper sitemap? Answer:
    Hi, no, it doesn't affect the sitemap at the moment!
  • Asked by alex
    on 11/27/2014
    best, is it posible to generate meta discripton ...The Data sheet instead of the short or long product discription? That this will be visible in the google search results we want to work more with the data sheet becaus much detail...we try selling books. greetings, alex Answer:
    Features are not currently supported, but something like that might be implemented in the next release
  • Asked by Sam
    on 12/29/2014
    Hi, is this compatible with ? Thanks, Sam Answer:
    Yes, indeed, it's compatible up to the latest version so far
  • Asked by Dre
    on 12/30/2014
    Is there an automated way to maintain rank in google? Answer:
    No, This is impossible as SEO needs to be a constant effort in the evolving market
  • Asked by nick niktaris
    on 02/3/2015
    Hi nemo, Regarding this module i would like to ask if it supports the following features; 1. can we remove the product / category id from the url? 2. can we get a url with product name and manufactor reference eg. ? women/tops/tshirts/demo-1-faded-short-sleeves-t-shirt.html ? 3. can we have a page title like Faded Short Sleeves T-shirt | our-store-name ? 4.can category url have links like eg women/tops/tshirts ? kind regards nick Answer:
    Hi! 1- Not yet, I'm working on it, but it will require overrides, so maybe there will be another version of the module 2- You can add the manufacturer name, if that is what you mean 3- Yes, indeed, but that is possible without the module as well 4- Yes, but with the id
  • Asked by Elvan
    on 02/7/2015
    Hi, How to import csv keywords, I still don't understands with this: "You can use this tool to bulk upload keywords for your products. It accepts CSV files with the following format (one language at time): id_product;keyword;" Can you show the example or screenshot for csv file? Thanks and sorry for my english Answer:
    It's as simple as this: 1;keyword 2;another 3;drink Where the number is the product ID and the other word the keyword
  • Asked by Jorgeluiz
    on 03/13/2015
    Hi Nemo, the module has the option to Canonical Tags for categories, but with respect and the manufacturer? have any plans for a future release? Answer:
    Yes, they will be supported since the next update
  • Asked by lorenc
    on 03/30/2015
    is this similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 1.4 Module on Answer:
    No, on the addons store, it has the very same name, Prestashop SEO Booster
  • Asked by
    on 04/6/2015
    Hello, I just bought this module, mainly for clean url rewriting. It does nothing to urls, it is very disapointing. I feel a bit like I lost my money and still needs to buy a module for clean urls. Answer:
    It doesn't mention doing that anywhere, so of course it doesn't do it. The pro version will do it, or alternatively I am publishing a cheap module with this functionality the current week
  • Asked by a guest
    on 04/9/2015
    Hello, I'd like to know how to use the noindex and nofollow feature. Do you have any documentation ? How do you set it product by product ? Answer:
    noindex and nofollow are specific directive for search engine robots, you can set them for each product, from the back office panel. Here are more info on nofollow . While noindex basically tells engines not to index the current page.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 04/9/2015
    I would also like to know what is the exact use of the target keywords field in each product page ? Is it just something you use to spell check words in the other product fields and display non matching ones in the Websites statistics, or is it really words put in some fields and referenced by google ? Answer:
    They are used to check if your products contain the keywords you want to target in your seo campaign, so they don't add anything physical to product pages
  • Asked by a guest
    on 04/9/2015
    For the nofollow and noindex, it is written as a feature in the core to set it specifically for each product. Where exactly can I find this in the backoffice panel ? Answer:
    It's added to the SEO Booster tab that comes with the module, for each product of the back office
  • Asked by Ugo
    on 04/15/2015
    Is it possible to noindex, follow a specific category just like the function you describe on products? Answer:
    Hi, that is not currently possible, but I will try to add it to one of the next releases
  • Asked by Simon Tripnaux
    on 08/4/2015
    Hello, Can we choose noindex OR nofollow for eacht products ? Can I put only "noindex" for one product, for example ? Thanks Answer:
    Yes, indeed, it can be chosen on a per-product basis
  • Asked by Powerink
    on 09/30/2015
    Hi, I have this issue with my shop:Duplicate meta descriptions This is the "generator'' of this problem: /15-cartuse-hp-inkjet /15-cartuse-hp-inkjet?p=2 /63-cabluri-si-adaptoare /63-cabluri-si-adaptoare?p=3 /63-cabluri-si-adaptoare?p=4 Multiple pages on the same category.... Can this module fix this? Thank you. Answer:
    Yes, those will be fixed
  • Asked by Emil
    on 01/9/2016
    Does this work module work flawlessy with multishop aswell? Think about the Meta generator and the conical tags generator? Answer:
    Yes, it does work with multishop
  • Asked by a guest
    on 01/12/2016
    Hello Google Webmaster verification is not working for my website Answer:
    Make sure you disable the html purifier, as it strips out html
  • Asked by Patricia
    on 04/12/2016
    Hello, I am looking for a module that removes all the duplicate meta description and titles from webmaster tools. I bought one in the past as the creater told me that it would work but finally it wasn't true. I would like to know if this module works for what I want. Regards, Answer:
    The module will spot the ones that are duplicated, and list them all so you can click on each and manually correct them. Or, given that your product descriptions and name are unique, you can use the generator to correct them all in one click
  • Asked by Piotr
    on 08/24/2016
    Hello I have a PrestaShop version Whether in category you will see: link rel = "prev" and rel = "next"? I have another module that manages links canonical products. Does your module can disable the links for canonical products? I do not want two modules for linking canonical in products. I want only link rel = "prev" and rel = "next" for the category. Answer:
    Hello, The canonical option can be disabled for categories in the back office. As for rel prev and next, yes, there is a specific option in my module to enable these tags
  • Asked by John Connor
    on 12/10/2016
    Will this be compatible with Version ? Answer:
    It's compatible with that version already :)
  • Asked by Guest
    on 08/17/2017
    Hello, Can I use this module with PS version Answer:
    Yes, it's absolutely compatible with all 1.6 versions

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