Prestashop SEO Urls

Prestashop SEO Urls

SEO Prestashop: 1.5.5 to latest 1.6


The Presashop SEO URLs module will effectively take out IDs from all entities in Prestashop URLs, giving you an unparalleled boost in search results. Not only you wil have clean URLs, but will also be given a chance to set custom routes for each language.
This means you will be able to set specific urls for each of your language, like brand/apple for English and marque/apple for French if you have both! It is the only module offering this functionality, which also lacks in the default Prestashop!
Furthermore,  if you decide to add another language in the future, you will not lose your rank as the module can take out the default language ISO (/en/) from the URL.

Core Features

  • No Rank loss! Old urls are automatically redirected to new ones!
  • Parent categories in the category url too! Like
  • Removes IDs from every entity in Prestashop
  • Duplicates finder
  • Custom URL Routes (language specific)
  • Removes the language ISO from urls (if enabled)




FEAT: multiple parent categories in the category url
FIX: cms categories rewrite


FIX: old urls with ids now redirect to new ones 

  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.5.5 to latest 1.6
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: Yes
  • Languages: English included
  • Multistore support: Yes
  • Module Version: 1.1.1 (Last update: November 30, 2016)

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Prestashop SEO Urls

Prestashop SEO Urls

Get rid of those nasty IDs prestashop adds to your site's URLs without effort, and set specific rules for each language for an ever better SEO result!

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  • Asked by Jorge
    on 04/21/2015
    Nice and great! Finally a great developer makes this module. I have just one prepurchase question: Is there any option to have all the categories tree inside the category URL? Example: Thanks! Answer:
    Yes, you can, you just have to prepend category/ to the url configuration in the module's back office :)
  • Asked by Enrique
    on 05/9/2015
    Hi Fabio, As Jorge We need to use it with subcategories, but I don't see how it works in the configuration since it uses the category "tag" in the "normal" mapping. Maybe you meant categories? Thanks Enrique Answer:
    The tag for the category list is {categories:/}
  • Asked by Viola
    on 07/1/2015
    Hi, I would like to know if the module handles the redirect from the old url to the new url? Answer:
    Yes, it does
  • Asked by fortuner
    on 07/6/2015
    Does it work on Prestashop Answer:
    It does, tested and working flawlessly!
  • Asked by Robert
    on 08/5/2015
    I would like to know how you suggest the following scenario should be handled, and if this module or other modules working together with this module can handle it: 1. I enable this module. 2. Search engines pick up my new URLs and index and rank them. 3. I notice I have a misspelling in one of my product descriptions, so I change "Retro tikki swingskirt" to "Retro tiki swingskirt" 4. Now what happens with all the links to "Retro tikki swingskirt", how to give a 301 redirect for this? Answer:
    The only way would be to create a manual 301 redirect in the htaccess
  • Asked by Thanos
    on 08/18/2015
    what about the third party modules (like a mega menu). Will these still work after this mod ? Thanks Answer:
    They should, if they use the standard system to retrieve links (using the link class). Just make sure you clear cache after installing.
  • Asked by Daniele
    on 08/19/2015
    Dear Nemo, I have a multistore. Shop 1 is a multilanguage with for each language. Then I have an other multilanguage store with different ltd: On This second group I want to remove the /lang_id/ folder but keeping it on my shop_id 1. I can do it with your module? Use the lang_id folder only for some shops? Thanks, Daniele Answer:
    Yes, the option is multistore-wise, so you should be able to get it working
  • Asked by Diana Socaciu
    on 08/24/2015
    1. We have a FB module that uses the IDs to implement a tracking pixel for key page views. This module gets the ID from the get value. I would like to know if by installing your SEO URLs module will the FB module be able to get these IDs? 2. Once your module cleans the urls from the IDs, is there any way to get back to the urls with IDs (a kind of undo) if for any reason you want to? Answer:
    1. It depends on the method used by the FB module, as general guideline yes, it should work. 2. Uninstalling the module or disabling overrides will take them back painlessly.
  • Asked by Martin
    on 08/30/2015
    Right now I have three shops and I would buy this module for all of them. But I have question about changing url path: will it be also changed in google xml file? and how will other search engines know that there is new url, without first number? in your description yu written that it will be redirected, is it possible to check anywhere? Answer:
    The module will automatically redirect all of the old links to the new ones, so search engines will progressively stop indexing those, in favor of the new. The sitemap will automatically be updated as the module overrides various getLink methods.
  • Asked by Mathias
    on 09/23/2015
    I have a question about the module. If I install the module and hypothetically decided to uninstall it will everything go back to normal? Can I choose the new url structure before all of the old domains are redirected? Answer:
    If you remove it, the url structure will be back to how it was before the module.
  • Asked by AbdulWahab
    on 10/23/2015
    I am planning to use prestashop, the latest version, also I am planning to use use the smart blog module by smartdatadoft, I just need to confirm that will your module will work effectively with the system? Answer:
    Hello, I've seen it working on a website, but not having thoroughly tested myself, I cannot confirm it's 100% bug-free
  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/23/2016
    Hello, Can we have et ? For sure we don't want to have the product like this The .html extension could be ok And does it work with https? Thanks Jean-Charles Answer:
    Yes, it's possible as long as you keep .html in the url for products, otherwise the system will not know which entity to get: if products or categories
  • Asked by Dinant
    on 05/20/2016
    Does is support Dutch language? Answer:
    Yes, all languages are supported
  • Asked by Krister
    on 07/7/2016
    Hello I'm developing on my local machine and live site will be separate. Does this licence "Single domain" means I can install it both versions - to local and to live site? Krister Answer:
    Yes, you can install both
  • Asked by a guest
    on 08/4/2016
    Hi, I'm interested in this module to take out the default language ISO (/en/) from the URL. Does it work for customized ajax calls (non Prestashop ajax calls)? Thanks Answer:
    This depends on your ajax calls, it's not possible to predict it, although it should
  • Asked by Gediminas
    on 09/8/2016
    Dear developer, I wanted to ask about product attributes i.e. .../en/women-s-clothing/35-curved-plain-cotton-blouse.html#/1-size_letters_-s/5-colors-white could be changed to .../en/women-s-clothing/white-s-curved-plain-cotton-blouse ? If not it would be great feature! Thank you. Answer:
    Hello, As you can see in the demo, attribute ids are removed too:
  • Asked by Adas
    on 11/23/2016
    Hey guys, does it work with 1.7? :) Answer:
    No, it won't be compatible with 1.7
  • Asked by deyan4
    on 01/3/2017
    Hello, I would like to know which aspect will have my URLs for cms pages, category and product pages? I would also like to know if this will affect a Prestashop core files? Thank you! Answer:
    It can have any structure you want, and no, it uses overrides, so no core change
  • Asked by Marián Dedi?
    on 01/14/2017
    Hello, does your module work on version PS Does the module create URL where categories / subcategories / product are implemented? Because in case of PS it is possible to create only category / product. Answer:
    Yes to both. Of course subcategories cannot have the same name, since the ids are removed
  • Asked by Martins
    on 05/29/2017
    Is it possible to add id to category, because I have several subcategories with the same name but different parent category. Even if i disable this module, it takes the last saved link format for the choosen language. Answer:
    Unfortunately this is not possible, the module just removes ids for now
  • Asked by andre
    on 08/30/2017
    Its compatible with default sitemap creator module ? All links has subcategories ? Its compatible with sitemap++ Answer:
    It is compatible with the default sitemap, as it override core functions that generate links, while on the other hand I am not sure about the module you linked
  • Asked by Ondrej
    on 09/27/2017
    Hello, what if I have more than language, how does the remove ISO language work? Will it remove ISO from all languages, or only the default one? Thanks, Ondrej Answer:
    It's only possible to remove the iso from the default one, (it's done to preserve link integrity if you added others), otherwise the system wouldn't know which one to grab
  • Asked by Hadi AlArab
    on 03/20/2018
    I am using PS, I have arabic language besides English. Will this module work with Arabic language? Answer:
    Yes, it works with all languages
  • Asked by Samuel
    on 07/27/2018
    Hello, so this module can remove language iso code from URL? For example I have default language SK and other language EN: your module can remove "/sk" and "/en" from URL? Thanks Samuel Answer:
    That would only remove /sk, the other needs to stay

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