Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate

Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate

SEO 1.5.5+, 1.6 (all versions)

Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate takes the standard Prestashop SEO Booster module to the next level, providing even more tools to make your SEO easier than ever.

If you already own the SEO Booster standard, and you would like to upgrade it, send me an email with your order id to get the Ultimate version for the price difference only!

Remove IDs on all Urls

Get rid of all those boring IDs and get clean urls without effort. You can also decide to remove the language ISO code to avoid losing any rank, in case you add other languages.

Product Page Analysis 

All of the fundamental SEO tweaks for each single products will be shown directly on the Product configuration page. Create a product, fill in all your fields, and have an immediate feedback in case anything you added has duplicates among other products!

SEO Campaign Keywords for each product

You will be able to assign a specific target keyword for each product of your web store, so that you can further tweak and tailor all of its fields to match the specific SEO campaign you want to run for that item.

Website Analysis

Have a comprehensive glance of all the potential SEO issues from the module's configuration page! You will be able to check meta lengths, their absence, duplicates and keyword presence.
Additionally, the Ultimate version of this Prestashop SEO Booster also included a duplicate Urls checker for both categories and products!

Meta fields Generator

Adding Meta fields for your entire catalog can take a whole lot of time. With Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate's builtin Meta Tags Generator, you can easily create your meta fields for the entire catalog with one single click. Choose your category, even the root one (to apply to the whole catalog), the language, and the template for each meta field. You will be able to add any kind of text to them, ranging from the Product Name to the Supplier Name, including any of the names of the parent categories of the product, and price as well!

Robots and .htaccess editor

No need to access your ftp to tweak robots.txt or .htaccess! With the SEO Booster Ultimate you can do it directly from the back office.

ALT editor for all images

If you got frustrated for having to access the database to simply modify an image name, you definitely need this module. All product images will have their ALT attribute listed in the back office, so you can easily tweak it for each specific language you need

Manual Canonical Tag

You won't simply be able to tick a global setting and enable canonicval tags. WIth the Ultimate version of the Prestashop SEO Booster you can now create specific Canonicals, so that you can tell Search Engines to index a combination as default product page.


  • Link hreflang tag to make Search Engines aware you run the site in other languages as well
  • standard canonicals and rel prev/next for categories, manufacturers ans suppliers.
  • custom routes for each language
  • category tree in categories' urls, such as
  • open graph tags, supporting facebook, pinterest and twitter


FIX: Fixed missing HREFLANG for CMS Pages
FEAT: Added check for empty rewrites in the database
FEAT: Added Friendly Url Generator from Product Name
FIX: Commit at the end of the loop for keyword uploader 


  • Compatibility: 1.5.5+, 1.6 (all versions)
  • Core Modifications: No
  • Overrides: Yes
  • Languages: English included
  • Multistore support: Yes
  • Module Version: 1.0.5 (Last update Nov 30, 2016)

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Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate

Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate

Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate is the most complete tool you can use when optimizing your web shop for search engines.

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  • Asked by Jones
    on 09/26/2015
    Hello Nemo, Before i buy: 1. After installing URL rewrite, if i generate google sitemap using Prestashop's Default module, which URL will be genereated within the map? With ID or without ID? The reason i am asking is i have used a thirdaprty module for URL rewrite, it picked up the old URLs for googlesitemap. Finally i had to remove it with lot of challenges. 2. I'm using a URL redirect module from another developer, Tomer. Should i remove that module? 3. Do you provide installation? Mine is a live website with 2000+ products. I don't have my test bed yet. Burned once. Scared to touch again. I don't want my site to be down, while waiting for support. Once google suspended my Merchant account because of my previous trial with URL re-write module (It was without re-direct). Answer:
    1. Yes, it will pick the new ones as it overrides the core methods 2. Yes, that is necessary to avoid conflicts 3. Yes, you can choose the installation support from the dropdown menu
  • Asked by Chris
    on 10/2/2015
    Hello, Can I purchase single domain initially to test and then just pay the difference to go to multiple domains later? Answer:
    Yes, no problem about it
  • Asked by Matt
    on 10/21/2015
    Is SEO booster Ultimate like SEO booster+ SEO url ? or there more options? Answer:
    It contains SEO Urls, but has a lot more options
  • Asked by Matt
    on 11/6/2015
    How about CMS pages and CMS categories? Will this module eliminate /content/ from cms url-s? How about prestablog module- will this module working with blog module? Answer:
    Yes, correct. I have not tested with that module, but generally, it should work.
  • Asked by Michele
    on 11/7/2015
    What about all existing links pointing to pages rewritten by this plugin? I mean, for example my suppliers have links to myshop/54_supplier-name, would it be automatically sent to your module's rewritten url myshop/supplier-name? Cheers M Answer:
    Yes, redirection is automatic
  • Asked by Alessandro
    on 11/17/2015
    I'd like to remove categories and subcategories from the url. Would it automatically redirect? Answer:
    Yes, that is no problem, as long as the link_rewrite matches with the previous
  • Asked by alessandro
    on 12/2/2015
    Hi, I tried removing the categories from the url, and use the old syntax, but they redirect to the wrong page Answer:
    Make sure you do not have entities with the same rewrite (categories with the same as products)
  • Asked by Vahur
    on 12/15/2015
    Hi I have right now three active stores (three separated domains). But each store has also development store (what is in maintenance mode, but where I test new modules, making theme changes etc). These test stores are usually in same domain - only in one subfolder or separated subdomain. (Example: is main store, but test store is located at , is main store and is development store) Is three domain licence enough in this situation or I need unlimited domain license? Answer:
    Yes, that would be enough
  • Asked by Matteo
    on 12/17/2015
    hello Nemo, I am interested in your module but I have 3 questions about it: 1. I am already using the module "advanced url" to remove id from the urls. Can it creates conflict if I install your module as well? 2. I don't want to change my current urls. Will your module automatically change somethign in my current url structure or it changes it only if I tell him to do so? 3. regarding the hreflang element which are addded to the page does your module specify only the languge for example: hreflang="es" href="" or it also specify the country for example: hreflang="es-es" href=""? in my case I would need just the language because with the english version of my site I want to target all the english speaking countries. Answer:
    1. Yes, you can't use them together 2. Yes, it automatically does. However, it will not if you simply prefix the module's override folder with underscore, before installing 3. it only targets the language
  • Asked by patrice
    on 12/20/2015
    Hello, does your plugin create canonical for categories, sorts etc.. ? Can i set canonical manually in case i need to ? Is it possible to NOINDEX specific pages with your plugin ? thank you patrice Answer:
    Yes, it does for categories as well. However, that is automatic, for the time being. As for noindex, you can only set it for products at this stage.
  • Asked by Matteo
    on 12/21/2015
    Thank you for your answer but I need a clarification. When you say: "2. Yes, it automatically does. However, it will not if you simply prefix the module's override folder with underscore, before installing" you mean that I have to add an underscore at the beginningo of the folder name for the folder which is called: "override" correct? Answer:
    Yes, if you prefix the folder before installing, overrides will not be added
  • Asked by Igor
    on 12/25/2015
    Does it have an option to remove default language ISO on multilang shops? Answer:
    Yes, it does.
  • Asked by Makis
    on 01/11/2016
    Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate includes "Prestashop SEO Urls" and "Prestashop SEO Booster"? Or i must purchase the other two modules? Answer:
    Yes, that is correct. It also has additional features
  • Asked by Axel
    on 01/18/2016
    Hello, I am looking for a module that would help me to improve my seo, but I would need to be able to set no index to some other pages than products (suppliers, manufacturers for example). You have replied previously to Patrice that you module does not do it for now. Do you mean that it will soon do it? Could you tell me when? Thanks Answer:
    The module does not include any noindex option for entities other than products. However, I am planning to include this feature in the next months
  • Asked by Delphan
    on 01/22/2016
    Hi Nemo, Two questions: 1. I want to switch products to other categories. f.e. product1 is in the category “blouses” This results now in this url: “”. When I move this product to another category, the new url will be “”. Can this module handle this? I mean, when I fill in the canonical url, will the old url be redirected to the new url? 2. The module will remove the id’s from the url’s. Will it automatically redirect the old page “” to “” ? Answer:
    The canonical tag is not used for redirection. But in any case, as long as the product meta stays the same, the old url will redirect to the new one. As for the second question, yes, redirects are automatic if the same structure is preserved (without IDs of course)
  • Asked by Axel
    on 01/26/2016
    Does the module also control description (not just meta description) to check for duplicate content? Answer:
    Yes, it does. However, a few users have reported the custom mysql function it runs to check that does not work on all environments (especially on limited, shared hostings)
  • Asked by Steve
    on 05/28/2016
    I installed the module but I get 404 page not found when going to the old url which includes the number. It does not forward to the new url. Can you explain what maybe causing the issue. Answer:
    Make sure the new url structure matches the old one (minus the id)
  • Asked by Boris
    on 06/20/2016
    With your module my url will change from to BUT what is going to happen with external sites that have on their links the url ? They will get an error or going to be automatic redirected to the new url? Answer:
    The old url will redirect to the new one automatically
  • Asked by Bartosz
    on 06/29/2016
    Can i use the modul in different languages? (german) Answer:
    Yes, all languages are supported
  • Asked by Boris Prado
    on 10/6/2016
    Hello, i have 2 pre sale questions 1. I only use the language spanish, we dont use ISO language, that will be a problem if i decide to buy this module? 2. The installation support includes the configuration of the module following the best SEO Rules to enchance the SEO of my Store? Answer:
    Hello, 1- Not at all 2- No, the installation support included installing the module, making sure it works also in case of conflicting overrides, and giving it a stable configuration. SEO audits or improvements are not included
  • Asked by Alexandra
    on 10/16/2016
    Hello! Does your module really put the canonical tags in the right way? If the module generates the canonical tags, how do I know if they are Ok (I ask from the perspective of one who is not a specialist in SEO) I read a lot of articles on the web of bad implementation of canonical tag that messing things up if it isn t implemented corectly. Thank you! Please acces this link wich explains when a bad implementation of canonical tag can messing things up. Faulty canonical URLs: common issues Answer:
    Hello, yes it does implement them correctly, using the tag instead of redirecting links as prestashop natively does. It avoids multiple instance of the same page where attributes, filters or alike are set
  • Asked by AlexandraIonela
    on 10/25/2016
    Are you telling me that your module solves the problem of duplicated links of the custom PrestaShop Navigation Layered block ?!? I was about to buy a third party navigation layered module.....I read somewhere that the PS custom navigation layered module generates duplicate content. Thank you for your time, have a nice day! Answer:
    It adds the canonical tag, so yes, all category pages with querystring will have a canonical equal to the base category url
  • Asked by amir
    on 10/31/2016
    hi if we buy unlimited version , can i use this module on any different domin? Answer:
    Yes, as long as they are owned by the same person who buys it.
  • Asked by moza
    on 11/7/2016
    Hello, your module it's compatible with multishop and it's possible to put noindex and nofollow in category ? thanks Answer:
    It is, but those tags are only currently available for product pages
  • Asked by rober
    on 11/8/2016
    Compatibile with Prestashop 1.7? Thanks Answer:
    No, it will not be compatible with it. PrestaShop 1.7 is a step back in functionality and its design doesn't allow for the module to work in any case
  • Asked by Thomas
    on 11/27/2016
    Hi, I consider buying this but would like to know if it will also work with PS 1.7 ? Thanks Answer:
    It will not be compatible with that version, I will likely make another similar module for it
  • Asked by DEMIR
    on 12/1/2016
    Hello what is the difference between seo booster and ultimate ? I have seen that is not good to use robot to make the seo what did you think about ? I have 500 products I cant do the seo for each product thanks Answer:
    The ultimate also has features like url rewriting, alt editor for images, and more. You can check the full list here above
  • Asked by Gabriele
    on 12/7/2016
    Hi, I've a pre-sale question. If I remove the id from url, in Google there will be a lot of broken links. Does the plugin actives auto redirect for every new page url? Answer:
    It will auto redirect as long as you keep the same url structure (minus the id)
  • Asked by a guest
    on 12/30/2016
    Hi, If for some reason, I need to remove/uninstall/delete Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate, what will happen to the overrides files in Prestashop? What files should I backed up before installing Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate? Thanks for your time. BR. Answer:
    PrestaShop will remove the overrides if you uninstall the module
  • Asked by Stephanie
    on 02/2/2017
    Nemo, will I be able to view a list of products and add or edit several image alt tags at one time? Or do I still have to add image tags one product page at a time? Thank you! Answer:
    No, there is no bulk editor at the time being, it must be done per product
  • Asked by Tino
    on 03/11/2017
    Hello I wanted to know if with this module I can remove the name of my web page in all the meta title Answer:
    No, but you can do that with a simple |replace modifier in smarty, in the theme's header.tpl
  • Asked by tanjalein
    on 06/23/2017
    Can I rewrite 301 a new page with your modul? Or do I need second Modul for doing this? And when I dont can rewrite: Does another Modul interact with your Booster ultimate Or can I use for e.g. "Seo Redirects 301" from Mypresta_eu without getting in Trouble? Answer:
    Yes, you can by using the htaccess editor. However, it might cause trouble with the mypresta module installed
  • Asked by Marek
    on 06/30/2017
    is this module compatible to latest thirtybees? Answer:
    It is, but it's better not to use the overrides
  • Asked by Janek
    on 07/17/2017
    Hi, I like the video. Everything looks very useful. I've got a question about URL's. If I change every URL (by removing ID for example) the presta will automaticaly crate redirections, right? So does to many 301 redirections can harm my domain in search engines? regards, Jan Answer:
    Yes, automatic redirects will happen, and no, they will not harm your seo. Of course the url structure (minus the id) must be preserved, and not changed
  • Asked by Jase
    on 08/12/2017
    I'm interested in this module but I do not want IDs removed from categories or products. Is this an option or are they automatically removed? Answer:
    It is not possible, but you can remove, rename the module's override folder before installing, to prevent it
  • Asked by Andrea
    on 09/7/2017
    Hello Nemo, we would like to use your module on different websites and different domains: is the Multidomain unlimited license enough, or do we have to buy single license for every single website? Thank, You, Andrea Answer:
    Yes, the multidomain license is valid for that
  • Asked by Jarda
    on 09/10/2017
    Hi, i would like to know, what overrides does this module use. I want to avoid conflicts, because my shop already uses a few overrides. And, from the questions here, I understood, that the overrides are not vital for this module to work. Is that correct? Thank you Answer:
    The module overrides all of the entities' front controllers, as well as the link and dispatcher classes. They are only used if you take advantage of the url rewriting, otherwise they can be ignored during the installation process by renaming the directory inside the module's folder
  • Asked by Octavio
    on 11/14/2017
    Hello Nemo. We have just bought your module and I would like to know how to use the canonical tag of the products list. Can you give me an example of wht shoult I write on this item? Thanks! Answer:
    Hi Octavio, That's actually automatic, you don't really need to do anything. As you turn on the option, it will set a canonical tag for the product list page so that pagination doesn't create duplicates
  • Asked by Juhi S
    on 12/16/2017
    Hi, I am considering buying this product. I have PS Hopefully the module will work well with this version. Read your prev. answers, they are very useful! My question is - will this module affect the running performance of the front end store? Are there any actions that are performed during page load every time? Answer:
    Thanks for your interest in the module! Yes, there is a database lookup so it might affect the site's performance a tiny bit (but not too much) depending on your system specs
  • Asked by Juraj
    on 01/29/2018
    Is it thirty bees compatible? Answer:
    It is, but you will have to remove/rename the override folder inside the module prior to installing
  • Asked by Matthias
    on 02/15/2018
    Is there an easy and quick way to set 301 for all new product urls after I have changed the structure? I don't wanna loose any google positions when I am updating the product urls to better ons... Answer:
    Hello, The quickest way is to manually do it using the builtin htaccess editor, but there is no automated way if that's what you mean
  • Asked by Artur
    on 08/6/2018
    Hi, I already got your SEO URLs module. Is Booster Ultimate compatibile and is it working with latest 1.6? Thanks Artur Answer:
    Hi Arthur, yes, it's compatible with all 1.6 versions

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